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The commentary went well

Monday, 25 September 2017

"Success is a tale of obstacles overcome, and for every obstacle overcome, an excuse not used."

Robert Brault.

Lost The Moon first lot


It’s a mild morning with a forecast to be dry until the middle of the week and then back to being cold and wet towards the weekend. We had a red sunrise at about 6.45 this morning, which is always great to see. There is one non-runner and a holiday maker today, but everybody else is working well and the horses have been doing two canters on the polytracks close to home. All has gone well, they are eating well, looking pictures and moving well. We just seem to have a lack of opportunities for a lot of them at present, which is the common denominator with all trainers.

It is about time we had a race planning unit at the BHA who had some idea of how to plan the programme. I am afraid they have had nobody with any experience or knowledge of what trainers want for a very long time. The horse population has a majority of their members rated below 75 (The majority of the horse population are rated below 75) and there is a big lack of opportunities for 0-65 horses. If there is a race, you will usually get balloted out. It is very hard to plan a programme for these horses and owners get frustrated when their horse cannot get a fair crack of the whip.

Dixon on the Hamilton Hill

The commentary competition went well at the weekend with both Newmarket and Lambourn giving sound performances. Nathaniel Parker, the actor, also commentated on one race and I think we have raised well over our target for the charity. All lines are still open until the end of the month so if you have not donated anything to the cause there is time yet. Thank you to everybody who has donated to my page and I hope I didn’t let you down if any of you heard it. In fact it was very enjoyable and I think the more you do it, like everything, the better you would get, but I take my hat off to the professional commentators who do it day in day out. I would think this section of the open day has raised nearly as much money as the weekend itself. Well done everybody.


Ayr’s abandonment at the weekend has opened up a lot of questions and it has been very disappointing for all concerned. It is a long way to go and very expensive for the professionals and the owners, but it is a fantastic three days. We used to love taking horses up there, having a good break in very nice hotels and enjoying the whole festival. But, why did the ground not get noticed beforehand, why wasn’t Ayr insured against this, but mainly, what are the ground staff and the clerk of the course doing on a daily basis, very little I would think. I hope the BHA doesn’t whitewash over this and say it was just an act of nature, i.e. it rained a lot. We are getting more and more soft and health and safety has taken over everybody’s lives. It is about time we got back to common sense.


I hope nobody talks to me in the next few days about football, as I am not very happy at present as Sheffield Wednesday lost in the hometown derby on Sunday. It looked to me that the Blades had a much stronger will to win and team spirit than we did. It is great to spend fortunes on players, but if they don’t bond, or have the passion for the club, you will always get days like this. We need players, manager and owner who have Sheffield Wednesday in their blood, not just use the club as a stepping stone. I sound like a disgruntled fan.