The turf season is just around the corner ...

It's a really misty start to the day

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

"The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first and then the lesson."


Mist rolling over the heath

Sunrise over Newmarket

It’s a misty, damp, coolish morning with the forecast for it to stay this way today and a few showers of rain tomorrow and Friday. There is no wind though, which is a help. First lot galloped on the turf Across The Flat. All went well and the grass was riding on the fast side of good, which is amazing after all the rain we have had. It just goes to show what a perfect place Newmarket is for training racehorses. The rest of the lots have been on the polytracks close to home. We have only had one non-runner this morning and a holiday maker, so not too bad.

Indian Red and Gee Sixty Six galloping Across The Flat

Topalova and Lost The Moon

Astroshadow was disappointing yesterday at Lingfield. She had every chance, but faded in the second half. It is back to the drawing board with her at present.

It was much quieter at Lingfield yesterday and back to normality after their music night, which caused all sorts of problems. At present members and general public facilities are a mishmash, but they do have quite a few structures that could be used as owners and trainers facilities, and I think they should look into this. If we are to encourage owners into the game they need to be looked after and feel that they are valued. At places like Lingfield, that is certainly not the case. The ROA needs to be putting pressure on the tracks that don’t come up to scratch. 

Clearance and Saint Anthony second lot

I see Newmarket has changed its policy on music nights, in that they will not be selling child tickets. It was the youngsters being taken to watch Little Mix that was the main cause of the problem, as children and drunken yobs don’t mix. It should be up to the parents whether the youngsters are taken to watch these bands and the idea of music nights originally, or any music at any time of day or night on racecourses, was to encourage younger people to go racing and get the bug. This idea has obviously been dropped now and the ‘cram them in, get them drunk and make as much money as we possibly can do’ has taken over. Now I wouldn’t mind in the slightest, but racing and music nights don’t really mix. Either have racing, or music, one or the other.