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It's a mild, but breezy day

Monday, 02 October 2017

"A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else."

John Burroughs.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill.

It’s quite breezy this morning but still very mild and I think the forecast for the week ahead is for it to remain very similar, quite a bit of wind, but mostly dry. We have been using varying canters all morning with only one non-runner riding out wise, and an illness non-runner in the yard, so nothing changes there. Good Monday morning cantering work is what we have been doing, and all has gone well.

Roof Garden and TTMAB

We have got the vet in the yard this morning to castrate one that tried to kill me the other day, playful you may call it, but when you are dealing with horses, you can get injured very quickly and even the best of us can get caught. I am sure the operation will calm him down and it will certainly be the best for him in the long run. You will see the horse that won the Prix de l’Abbaye yesterday was a gelding and it must have been for the same reason that we are having this one done today. It certainly made that gelding into one of the best sprinters we have seen for a while and a lot more should be done sooner.


I think we saw one of the best winners of the Arc for many years yesterday. She was always in the right place, quickened up when asked, and won without really having to dig deep. It will be interesting to see if they keep her in training next season and I am sure the debate will go on for quite a while. She has only raced this season and would look to have all the major races in her sights again, if kept in training. 

Working in the yard

It is very disappointing to see the curator of the Newmarket Heritage museum, Graham Snelling, being made redundant after 26 years. He has nurtured the collection when it was part of the Jockey Club and has set it up in its new home. They say it is all down to finance, but it’s always sad to see that the people on the coalface take the blame for others mistakes and misjudgements. Visiting numbers have not been as expected and there must be a reason for that, either the pricing is wrong, the advertising and promotion has not been done in the right way, or people just aren’t interested. Personally I think it is the promotion side which needs looking at mainly and that everybody that comes to Cambridge, or even London on coach trips, should be targets to see such a fantastic museum. The pricing should also be sorted out and the café and shop should be much cheaper. I picked up a leaflet the other day when visiting, which supposedly showed you the layout, well it baffled me, so what would it do to a Chinese or Japanese visitor? It needs sorting out before it gets into real trouble and has to be bailed out. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our history, we cannot mess it up.