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We have two runners tonight at Kempton

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

"The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition."

Carl Sagan.

Walking beside the fences

Gee Sixty Six and Indian Red at the schooling grounds

It’s a mild morning, in fact amazingly mild. There is a slight breeze and it’s dry. It looks like staying this way all day. We have had a hectic morning with a couple of horses schooling at the Links, a few two-year-olds going through the stalls, another loose one and runners going off to the races. Everybody was in though, which was good and the flag has been flying.

Indian Red

We have two runners today, both at Kempton this evening. Roof Garden runs in the first, the mile nursery. He has had three runs so far, showing a bit of promise every time. This looks one of those races where a lot of horses have had the obligatory three runs and anything could happen tonight. I am hoping he can run well though.

Our other runner is Dixon in the 8.45. I have put him back up in trip and he is another that, although not running that well last time on the turf, could bounce back over this longer distance.

Gee Sixty Six

I love Alistair Downs Tuesday column and especially his word watch snippet. This week his word is stakeholder which is used so much by the BHA, who seem to be obsessed by them. What is a stakeholder, what point is there to them and what do they do? There are so many words that people use nowadays that don’t make any sense whatsoever. The political elite use so much jargon they try and baffle everybody with words. It would be far easier, and everybody would know where they stood, if plain common sense talking was the norm, but don’t hold your breath as I can only see more words that nobody understands being introduced.