Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

A very wet night at Kempton

Wednesday, 08 November 2017

"Clutter is found in so many shapes and sizes. We can find it on our kitchen tables, under our beds, in our cars, and in our heads."

Katrina Mayer.


Lost The Moon

It's a damp morning after a very wet night and it's set to stay this way for the rest of the week. Only the same one non runner this morning, so we have been getting on OK in the yard with just a good healthy canter and a long relaxing walk back.


True Calling

It was very wet last night at Kempton and I would love to see the official numbers of attendees. I'm sure there must have been under a 100 people there and these are the nights that the powers that be ought to attend . It lacks everything a race meeting should be. Saint Anthony didn't take any interest at all in proceedings and will now be having the operation that sorts the men out from the boys. He is the most attractive horse but his thoughts are elswhere and I'm sure we shall see a different animal in the new year. Indian Red ran a sound race to finish fifth. He stays very well and is sure to win on the flat but jumping could be his forte. He has already schooled well and I shall be running him under both codes from now on.


The Dandy Man colt


The papers are full of the Irish victory in Australia and, unless you've experienced it, it's hard to explain what the race means to the southern hemisphere. You think our Grand National is popular but it is nothing compared with the Melbourne Cup. Don't forget the National is run on a Saturday but this race is mid-week. It completely stops, and I mean completely, Australia and New Zealand with everybody having a day off and an interest betting wise. I see the Australians are just beginning to think there are too many overseas runners and the locals can't get into the handicap proper. It will be interesting to see what they do and if they change the entry criteria. The winner and second though were owned by an Australian, albeit both trained in Ireland. There is no help with costs when travelling to Australia unlike the huge incentives Ascot and similar tracks offer the other way round. They don't really want us there and it will be fascinating to see how all this international racing evolves.