Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

We have two runners today at Newmarket

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

"Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pocket."

American Proverb.


It’s a very similar morning to yesterday, mild, dry and a slight breeze. Everybody is in once again and all working well. I took three horses to gallop Across The Flat first lot. The gallop itself is as far across the heath at it could be and it is a long trek over in the dark, but it was worth it as all three horses worked nicely on absolutely perfect ground. Most of the rest have stayed pretty close to home using a variety of polytracks.


Both horses ran only reasonably last night at Kempton. The first didn’t get the best of breaks, both at the start and then when trying to make a move, and the second could never get in the right place at the right time. The jockey also said his saddle moved a bit when he brought some pressure to bear. They both live to fight another day.

We have two runners today, both maidens first time out at Newmarket in what is always an interesting day as the whole meeting is for two-year-olds. Astroblaze is our first runner at 1.15 and she will benefit enormously from the outing. I am sure she will behave well and take it all in her stride. Our other runner is TTMAB at 4.05. His race looks quite warm and he is another who will benefit greatly from today’s experience. 

Second Lot

I see the rules have been amended so that no novice rider, or bookmaker paid celebrity, can ride in races for which they are not experienced enough. It was very lucky that no accident happened to the person in question, but I think this rule is a good one. Accidents can happen at any time with horses, even with the most experienced of people, but making every effort to avoid them is the best way forward.

Making sure there is a nice clean bed to come back to

Last night at Kempton was a typical example of why nobody wants these meetings. There could only have been 200-300 people at most there, and the majority were connections. Kempton fails miserably to get anybody to attend, other than the Boxing Day fixture, and these nights are completely soulless. When you are in a later race, like we were, the lads are not back until well after midnight. They don’t want to go, the owners don’t want to go, and it is purely run to keep the betting shops open so the machines can be constantly played and stay at home professional layers can gamble themselves into oblivion. The sooner Kempton is built on and we get an all-weather track at Newmarket, the better. If we must have racing and gambling at all hours of the night, it would be a lot easier if everybody was home in bed in ten minutes.