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What a beautiful sunrise

Thursday, 26 October 2017

"There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed."

Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Newmarket this morning

It’s a very mild morning once again, with a glorious sunrise. As Tim and I were walking over to watch some workers on the flat gallop the light was coming up and we got a great array of different colours. It has been very dry over the last week here, and the ground is now on the fast side, as it showed at Newmarket yesterday. Everybody is in once again and we just did general good exercise with everything.

Ness Of Brodgar

Yesterday’s racing was just a disaster from start to finish. I won’t go into the ins and outs of it, but if I tell you I was an inch away from bursting with rage, that tells you everything. Both horses ran, but both had very little hope of doing anything as their preparation was not what it should have been, and I mean raceday preparation, not training preparation. Needless to say things will be said and sorted this morning so we don’t have to have the same problems again. It is very disappointing when both horses needed, and deserved, a happier experience of what racing is all about. Fortunately they have not been bothered by it, have eaten up and will live to fight another day.

Warming up in the trotting ring

Bill Barber, the Racing Posts industry editor, comments on the new steward’s consultation period that the BHA is doing at present. The word stakeholder comes into their comments as they have asked a lot of professionals their opinions on the stewarding process. I think they will have got the message that most people want to keep the situation as is at present and not go down the professional steward line. Whether they will take any notice or not is anybody’s guess. We await the result with interest.

Roof Garden

On a very happy note, congratulations go to Di in the office and her husband Chris who have become grandparents for the first time. Baby Isla was born at the weekend weighing in at 6lb 7oz and is doing very well. Congratulations must also go to happy parents Michaela and Tom.