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It is a warm but damp morning

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

"Memory is always faulty. Emotions are always true."


A gentle canter on Hamilton Hill


It’s a dampish morning although no real heavy rain and the temperature has gone up quite a few degrees from yesterday. Everybody is in, in fact we had another waif and stray turn up who can ride well and he got several lots out for us, which is always a good help. Our exercise this week is just going to be one canter, as we have been doing every day and so far so good with no snotty noses, or coughing, but there is time yet!

     17_Fire      28_Breeze
(L) Astrofire and (R) Astrobreeze

I see now that Southwell has got permission for its floodlights, which means they can have evening meetings at the track, there is talk of the surface changing. I hope this happens as the tapeta or polytrack surface would make it the best all-weather track in the country, other than the prize money. There will be some who want to keep the old fibresand as it is an alternative and certainly helps some horses, but the kick back is horrendous and a new modern surface would be a big bonus. It would also be an advantage that evening meetings were held there as it would save us all trudging off to Wolverhampton and having the long trek back. Being in the same ownership group it wouldn’t surprise me if fixtures weren’t moved from Wolverhampton to Southwell so they could have more evening fixtures, in fact nothing would surprise me as the track at Wolverhampton is very valuable as building land and you never know what the future holds.

True Calling

It was the start of the award season last night with the Cartier awards where Enable was voted horse of the year. All the awards went to top trainers and owners and it is very rare nowadays that any normal owner gets a look in at any of these big award nights, both on the flat and jumping.

It is very sad to read of the death of Alan Potts so soon after his wife died. They were great supporters of the jumping world and invested huge amounts of money into horses. I am sure their string will be snapped up by the elite owners if they have nobody else to carry the colours on.