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Cold weather is forecast

Thursday, 16 November 2017

"True love stories never have endings."

Richard Bach.

On the Hamilton Hill polytrack

It’s a bright morning and at present not too cold, but we are forecast some light rain later on and then to get much colder from the north. I think winter could be on its way. We have been doing exactly the same exercise as we have done all week, a long walk and trot followed by a gentle canter. Everything has gone well so far.

     26_Issac     24_Garrison
(L) Isaac Murphy and (R) Garrison Law

There seems to be a bit of uproar from within the training profession about the compulsory injections that the French authorities have instigated. This means any horse that runs in France next year will not only have had to have its flu injections, it will have to have an EHV 1.4 vaccine as well. A lot of the trainers don’t like to give this extra injection as the vaccines have been very hit and miss, either strength wise or actually being able to purchase them. The one good thing about this new rule is that the manufacturers will obviously sell a lot more and it will be worth their while to produce the product. We have been using it for several years now so it won’t make any difference to us. I can remember years ago when the ordinary flu vaccination was made compulsory here, there was uproar then, but it soon died down and everybody now accepts the situation.

Next lot pulling out

I see that Tom Queally, who was Frankels jockey, is off to America to ply his trade this winter and he is suggesting that he may stay there longer if things go well for him. It is amazing how quickly jockeys go in and out of fashion as he was the rider of the best racehorse anybody of our generation will have ever seen. He is not very old, can do a good weight, but for some reason he has not had the rides this year. With the racing world becoming smaller, professional jockeys can ride in any country and earn a living. It is just a matter of where their face fits, or if they get lucky.