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Why do they insist on watering?

Monday, 20 November 2017

"Don’t do what you’ll have to find an excuse for."


On Hamilton Hill

It’s a cold morning and we had some rain for about an hour. We are a bit short on the ground once again with two non-runners, which is very frustrating, but the ones that are in are working well and we are getting the horses out for a good canter. I will be doing a bit more work with everything this week and getting those running before Christmas back to fitness. A good schooling morning is also on the cards towards the end of the week.

Ness of Brodgar

The ground at Cheltenham looked terrible after all the rain they had and one or two of the jockeys were complaining that it was very holding and didn’t suit their horses. The clerk of the course was aggrieved with their watering accusations, but the ground does get watered a lot, especially at Cheltenham, and then when it actually does rain, the going changes quickly. Why people have to water is beyond me and the BHA’s instance on this ridiculous rule needs looking into once again. All horses have a preference for ground, and with the British weather you have to take the rough with the smooth, but when the ground is artificially changed, it is very hard to understand and very unfair on connections.

Walking back to the yard

We will be moving the homebred yearling fillies’ into the yard this week and the weanlings at the stud will be moving fields across to the yearling side of the estate. The time moves on quickly and before we blink we will have foals on the ground and the whole process starts again. I am delighted with this year’s intake of young stock and let’s hope we have a star or two amongst them.