They are not children ...

Two canters is the exercise of the day

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

"Love is a game that two can play and both win."

Eva Gabor.

Malcolm Franklin saying hello to his yearling colt

It’s a similar day to yesterday but not quite as cold, just one of those dull, winter mornings. We have a few more people back in today, so we have been getting on much better and the flag is flying. I have stepped up to two canters with everything this morning and the horses are feeling very well. We have already had a loose one flying about the yard at second lot. No harm done, it just had a mad few minutes.

Working on the trees at the stud

There is plenty of activity going on today at the stud with the yearlings and foals being moved about. We always move them in the horsebox, which gives them experience of a little travel and starts them on the road to growing up.

Also, we have got some professional tree men working at the stud where we have a lot of woodland which needs sorting out. Quite a few of the old dead trees have had to come down and it has been amazing to watch these boys climb up the trees, and reduce them from the top downwards. 

The Blue Whale at the Natural History Museum

You couldn’t make this up but I have just had an email from the National Trainers Federation with various items on it. One of them was an invitation to the all-party parliamentary racing and bloodstock group in the houses of parliament for their Christmas party. All National Trainers Federation members are invited. Now you think this would be to discuss the racing industry and just involve trainers, breeders and MP’s, but no, it has been sponsored by Ladbrokes / Corals, so you know what that means, the betting industry once again lobbying the MP’s in their own way. Make of it what you will.