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We are keeping close to home today

Thursday, 23 November 2017

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude."

Ralph Marston.

Tim, a man on a mission to watch second lot

There was plenty of wind last night and it is still blowing quite strongly now. At least it has blown all the leaves into piles and the boys will be finding them easier to pick up on the stud. After early morning rain there is now a bright blue sky and sunshine and the temperature doesn’t quite know what to do as yet, but I think it is set to get colder. We have one new addition to the riding out staff this morning, but still two non-runners of the old crew, which drives everybody to distraction. All the horses have had a good exercise and we have kept close to home as the Rubbing House polytrack is being re-graded today and will take another day to settle in. Tim is getting on well with the new yearlings who are starting to see the lunge ring, and the walker. It is like going to school for the first time, they are enjoying finding their way around the place.

Saint Anthony and Isaac Murphy


The fallout from the wind operation rule continues with quite a few articles in the Racing Post today. It looks to me, and as I understand it, the BHA has taken it upon themselves to bring this rule in, mainly to appease the betting public. They have not really consulted the trainers, owners or breeders, or if they have, have taken no notice whatsoever. I don’t think Ireland or France will bring this rule in and it will be typical of us to do something which could hurt the industry, especially the flat side of it, but we will all have to wait and see.

Garrison Law

I see in one of the columns today there is a slight criticism of the industry not being able to help a jockey who has a major problem. With a few other jockeys saying that they have had depression and other ailments, it has recently been highlighted. Let me assure everybody that the industry has an unbelievably good network of experts who can help anybody, and are willing to do so. However, some people don’t think they need any help and don’t look for it, even if they are advised by their friends to do so. We have had many examples of this in the past and it is very difficult to sort the problems out before they happen, but I would say as an industry, we are very well geared up for any eventuality.