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It was a wet start to the day

Monday, 27 November 2017

"We didn’t all come over on the same ship, but we’re all in the same boat."

Bernard M. Baruch.

Cantering up Hamilton Hill

We have had a real mixed morning so far weather wise. It was very dark and pouring at 5.30, but gradually as the light has come up, it has got warmer and drier. The forecast is for it to get much colder during the week and in fact the long range forecast is for there to be a cold spell right up past Christmas. We have two non-runners again this morning, which is frustrating, but the ones we have in are doing a sterling job and the horses are having good exercise showing their wellbeing. We have had a loose one in the yard, which has not done my lawn much good, but there is no harm done to the horse, only to the garden. Two good canters has been the exercise and all has gone well so far.

Walking back after exercise

There have been plenty of words in print and chat on the TV about the new wind rule which is being bought in by the BHA. Personally I think it is a fob to the betting and punting area of our industry. It won’t make any difference to them at all, as so many of these operations don’t work but can certainly devalue a horse very quickly. It doesn’t look like the French or Irish are going to follow suit anytime soon, so the playing field is definitely not level. Now if this were a rule worldwide, that would be a slightly different matter, but it certainly isn’t and it is just another very debatable one which will cause more trouble than it is worth. I think once again the BHA has jumped in with both feet without thinking it through.

     105_Pageant     107_Isaac
Pageant Master and Isaac Murphy

It was very sad to read of the suspected arson attack on the Welsh stable where the fairytale horse, Dream Alliance, was reared. There must be more to this than meets the eye and it will come out in the washing, but anybody who can set light to a stable with animals in it, in my opinion, wants bringing to justice quickly and sentencing to as long as possible. Our thoughts go to the horses owners.