The turf season is just around the corner ...

The Supermoon shines over Newmarket

Monday, 04 December 2017

"The explanation is always longer when there isn’t any."

Robert Brault.

The Supermoon

It’s a clear bright morning with a supermoon shining down on us at first lot and it has certainly got colder as the light has come up. It has been an exciting morning already with a loose one which proceeded to run about until we managed to catch it. The staff count of riders is still not very good, but we are managing to get everything out that needs to. Hamilton Hill has been the cantering ground mainly used. We will start having some runners again this week, with two tomorrow, one on Wednesday and then possibly some on Friday.

Max and Malcolm in the yard on Saturday looking at their horse with Tim

The peacock looking very regal on the roof

The foal sale finished on Saturday with everything increasing the turnover and average, but the median stayed pretty similar. It was an exceptionally strong trade once again and it will be fascinating to see where the top price ones turn up next year, whether they will return to the sales ring for resale, or be kept for private sale. The sales ring is really where all the action is nowadays and nobody seems to be able to get a handle on what happens, but certainly big money is spent and turned over. It is the start of the mare’s sale today with several very high profile ones being sold and I am sure this sale will be just as strong as last week.

Epaulette ex Trew Class yearling filly learning the ropes

The last of the homebred yearlings will be coming into the yard this morning, which means we can start to get the stables all sorted out and to where everything will stand for the coming year. These last three look very nice ones, strong and attractive. I am sure they will add considerably to the good intake we have already got and Tim will soon be getting on with the breaking process. David and the staff at the stud have already been handling them well, leading wise and bits in their mouths, so this next move doesn’t come as too big a shock.