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Happy Christmas and New Year

Friday, 22 December 2017

"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there."

Clement Clarke Moore.


"A Christmas Carrot" by CLU

Angie, I and all the staff both from Frankland Lodge and Dullingham Park wish everybody a very happy Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year.

A big thank you goes to Clare for producing yet another great Christmas card for us.


I would like to thank all the owners who have supported us throughout the year, as without them we are nothing. We have a yard full of horses with great potential and I am looking forward to a very successful 2018. The two-year-olds of this year were all big and scopy and should improve dramatically as three-year-olds. Our intake of yearlings from the sales and the stud, looks above average, both physically and on their pedigrees. These, along with the bunch of older horses we have retained, give the yard a year long profile. I am very excited about it. All we need is for the horses to stay healthy and luck going our way, especially the draws!


I would like to thank all the staff at Frankland Lodge and Dullingham Part who work brilliantly together. They all get the same buzz out of the horses doing well. I am extremely grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Most of you will have been following my daily ramblings and know the constant staff problems that all Newmarket trainers seem to have. We have started to get a very good team together, centred around my assistant, Tim Bryce. Tim is very experienced with a calm assured temperament and extremely good with the staff. He is a skilled horseman and understands them well. He has the yard well organised with yard staff and riders. We also have an evening group, so all in all our stable management is of a high standard. Happy staff with good stable management equals happy horses. Happy horses run well. We have a top class vet in Jack and our farrier, Becky and her team, do sterling work, both in the yard and on the stud.


Di and Ian run the office. Di is indispensable in that she is the Jill of all trades. She does the entries and declarations, all the racing side, the website, owner’s entertainment, all stud paperwork, and trying to keep me in order. Ian is a vital part of the team who keeps the financial side of things running very smoothly. We have a completely barmy but extremely happy office.


David, our stud groom, does a brilliant job and his knowledge and calmness when foaling is invaluable. He leads the team on a daily basis and keeps the cogs moving smoothly. The horses all look really well, which is a great credit to him. Mo is marvellous and was full of advice when we went to Saudi Arabia and saw the camels. The mares and young stock absolutely adore him and his is brilliant with them.

Ryan, our maintenance man, is one of those people who can do anything. He keeps the paddocks and fencing in tremendous order, in fact they have looked marvellous all year, despite the use they get. He ensures the upkeep of all the building and stables, whether at the stud or in the racing yard. He was joined this year by Steve. I told him when he started that no day would be the same and he reminds me of that often.  

We must thank Hattie, our stud vet, who is such an asset and plays a vital role with the mares and the young stock.


Carol continues to keep us all immaculately clean and tidy, both in the yard and at the stud. Angie and I greatly appreciate all her hard work. Her husband Colin retired this year after years at Cambridge Airport. He is a brilliant electrician and there is always plenty of work for him here.


We are going to run some new syndicates this year with two cracking horses being offered. The first one is a colt by Casamento (seen above), a half-brother to numerous winners, including a Group 1 winner. The other is a filly by Farhh, who is fast becoming a very exciting sire from his very small crop. Both are compact, strong two-year-old types and for once should be running early in the season. I can highly recommend them and would be delighted to show them to you in the yard at any time. 

We always have horses for sale, either out right or in partnerships varying from 50% down to 5%. Just give us a ring or email us for further details.


I continue to run the Newmarket Trainers Federation as there doesn’t seem to be any young, up and coming trainer to take it on, although I do ask every year for some respite. Newmarket continues to expand and we now have planning, at long last, for 150 units for stable staff accommodation which will be brilliantly received. I have campaigned tirelessly for this and let’s hope we can see some bricks coming out of the ground in the very near future.

A new all-weather track has been touted and common sense tells you it is imperative we have one here in Newmarket. It will cut owners costs dramatically and be less stressful for horses and staff. They say it all depends on the sale of Kempton Park, but I would implore The Jockey Club to find the money and build it ASAP.


The training grounds are kept pristine by the heath workers and we are constantly updating and improving. The planning permission for the Sky Gallop close to Hamilton Hill has passed by the Council and we now have the go ahead. Costs again are huge, but I think this will start to be developed during 2018. Another artificial canter on Warren Hill is also muted and with the number of horses we are getting on both sides of the heath, these new facilities, when built, will be very beneficial.



We have been very lucky this year that Richard Marriott purchased Sarabex Stud, from Richard Hills, and it is only a mile from us. It is a marvellous addition with very good paddocks and stables, plus a walker and other auxiliary barns. It will be of great use for the mares and we can also give fillies in training a break there. 

      geese      ducks_not_frozen

A big thank you must go to Phil Green for supplying such a lovely piece for the site today, also for his weekly contributions which I know everybody loves reading. As many of you know Phil was such a help to me for many, many years. I shall just add here that his son, Sam, my godson, is getting married in February and Angie and I wish them both a very happy life together.

I am also very grateful to Richard Marriott for compiling the very interesting Christmas quiz. It will keep you all occupied over the festive season and I shall be supplying the prizes for both the winner and runner-up. Good luck!


 Phil at Christmas

Christmas came early to the Green family back in 1964 – it arrived in June ..!

My father was a blacksmith, a down-to-earth practical sort of man with little time for anything even bordering on the fanciful but, one night, he had a vivid dream. In it, he took an agitated phone call from an Irish trainer called Mick Rogers. He’d got his horse to England but it had spread a plate on the way, damaged its hoof, and needed attention.

 “Can’t help”, said father. “Much too busy.”  But the trainer persisted. “Please come”, he said. “This horse will win the Derby if you can sort out his foot for me.”

Dad finally agreed and drove off. He did what was necessary and asked the lad holding the horse who would be riding it in the big race. “Scobie Breasley”, said the lad. Father dreamed his way back home without even knowing the horse’s name.

Next day, back in the real wide-awake world, the old Sporting Life carried a picture on its front page of an Irish Epsom raider, an imposing dark bay horse. “That’s it”, father exclaimed. “That is definitely the horse I plated last night”. It was called Santa Claus.

Hastily turning to the racecard page he discovered Santa Claus would be ridden by … Scobie Breasley!

He plunged on – it was probably the biggest bet of his life – and Santa Claus duly obliged, albeit it at a pretty short price, and Dad won enough to treat us all.

Something similar had happened a couple of years previously when Henry The Seventh won the Eclipse. My memory of that has faded now but we certainly didn’t take it at all seriously. Pity – he won at 100-7 I think  – but we learned our lesson in time for Santa Claus.

For months afterwards we sent father off to bed with instructions to dream, dream, dream, but sadly nothing of the sort ever happened again. It was a strange business, but true, and given the name of our big winner this seems the right time of year to reminisce.

Happy Christmas, and sweet dreams.      

     paula2  topatoo



Our charities this year are the same as 2017 - Riding for the Disabled and The British Thoroughbred Retraining of Racehorses Centre. Both these very deserving causes are close to our hearts with our own Smokey Oakey being a star at the RDA yard where he is based. John Sexton, one of our owners, is the chairman of the TRC and he is a tremendous ambassador for the establishment. They do a sterling job retraining racehorses and finding them different careers. We in Britain are pioneers and world leaders of retraining of racehorses. There are now so many competitions for ex racehorses in all spheres - show jumping, eventing, polo and the show ring, where in fact our own Singing Hinnie is one of the stars. Please look at their websites for more information.



Christmas Quiz

Rules of competition:

All entries to be emailed by the 2nd January to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Winner and runner up prizes.
MHT decision is final.

1.   Name the Sire of the 2017 Arc De Triomphe Winner.

2.   When was the first Grand National run?

3.   Where was Broomfield Bridge Racecourse?

4.   Who said “I am riding for every stable bar Bethlehem”?

5.   Name the black American jockey who won the Kentucky Derby three times.

6.   Which racecourse is based in Legsby Road?

7.   Who trains at Seven Barrows?

8.   Name the Hungarian mare who won all of her 54 races.

9.   How many Cheltenham Festival winners did John Francome ride?

10. Which racecourse closed in November 1963?

11. Name the winner of the 1988 Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby.

12. Name the 2017 English Greyhound Derby Winner.

13. Name the horse which won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2001.

14. How many winners did A P McCoy ride in his career?

15. Name the leading rider at the 1992 Cheltenham Festival

16. Who trains racehorses at Fences Farm?

17. When was the Melbourne Cup first run in Australia?

18. In 2009 Nicky Henderson was fined £40,000, why?

19. Name the most prestigious race held at Ballintaggart Racecourse?

20. How many times was John Francome champion national hunt jockey?

21. Cool Edge won over £100,000 prize money, how much did Mark Tompkins pay for the horse?

22. What is the minimum riding weight for a UK flat jockey?

23. Where was the St. Leger first run?

24. Who competes for the Newmarket Whip?

25. Name the winner of the 2017 Grand National?

26. How many times did Sir Henry Cecil win the English Derby?

27. Where is the Hambleton Cup run?

28. Why is Frank Hayes famous for winning a race in 1923?

29. How many times has Ryan Moore been English Champion Jockey?

30. Which racecourse is nicknamed The Garden Course?


Everyone at Franklands Lodge and Dullingham Park wish all

our readers a very Happy Christmas and 2018

Due to the holiday period, normal service will be resumed on this site on Tuesday 2nd January.