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We have two runners today at Lingfield

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

"Christmas is coming; it is almost here!

With Santa and presents, good will and cheer!"

Gertrude Tooley Buckingham.

Walking to the start of the gallop

Rum Ration

It’s a very damp morning but it is not cold, it is just one of those winter mornings which we will soon forget about. Everybody in who should be, which is very handy, although we have had one young girl decide racing isn’t for her and has disappeared back home without giving me notice or letting me know. The word ‘workshy’ comes to mind with some of these young ones as the difference between school and work is a big shock to their systems. School children nowadays are alienated from the work place as the rules and regulations are prohibitive and they would rather play on their phones and computers than start to learn what the workplace is like.

We have been doing good cantering with all the horses and we have no problems. The horses are never a problem, it is only the staff that drives you to distraction, but do not think it is only me, I can assure you it is everybody.

Back in to the yard 

We have two runners today, both at Lingfield, where I will be heading off to shortly. Astroblaze is our first runner in the 12.40. She improved greatly on her debut run last time and I am sure will run well again today, but this looks another hot race with some very expensive and well-bred newcomers. The other minus is that we are drawn 11, which is not at all in our favour.

Lost the Moon is our other runner in the 2.55. She ran very well last time from a bad draw at Wolverhampton and I don’t think she will be too far off today. There are obvious dangers, but I am hopeful of a good run.

Third lot pulled out

The Hughie Morrison inquiry started yesterday over his positive drug test at Wolverhampton in January of this year. It is unbelievable how long these inquiries take to get to this stage and it will be over two days, with the verdict not until the New Year. I have known Hughie a long time and as far as I am concerned his integrity is beyond reproach. We will not make a judgement until reading about all the matters put forward, but it sounds to me like somebody had a grudge. The problem here, as I see it, is one of being able to prove the position one way or another, but the responsibility is always on the trainer and if found guilty by the panel, he could have his licence terminated for any amount of time. It will be very interesting to follow what happens.