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We have one runner today at Chelmsford

Thursday, 21 December 2017

"The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion."

Albert Einstein.

     01_Blaze     21_Lost
Astroblaze and Lost The Moon having a pick of grass this morning

Ben giving Astrofire a good morning kiss

It’s a damp, misty morning and very dark. In fact, a real similar day to yesterday and not very nice for the lads to work in. We have a full complement of riders in again, which means we can crack on and get a good exercise into everything. Our one non-runner from yesterday in the yard is back so the flag is flying at full mast.

Colin checking the electrics before (below) 

Repairing the mice damage

Our two runners yesterday ran as expected. Astroblaze had very little chance from the draw and although breaking well was always held too wide. She will now be handicapped and let’s hope we can get a better draw for her next outing which will be early in the New Year. Lost The Moon ran a tremendous race doing everything right once again and just meeting an improving three-year-old. She is now starting to show the form of her earlier promise and she should be winning very shortly.

We have one runner today at Chelmsford. TTMAB runs in the one mile maiden at 6.45. He has had one run at Newmarket on not very good ground. Tonight’s race looks quite competitive once again. He is a big, scopy, strong horse who won’t be at his best until the middle of next year, so tonight’s race will be very beneficial for him, experience wise.

Is Bob singing 'Deck the halls' or shouting to be fed?

There are two or three things to comment on this morning. The first is that we will know what happened in the Hughie Morrision case when the verdict is announced around midday tomorrow. It will be fascinating to see how the BHA panel has interpreted all the evidence. Secondly, I think the French are still playing at their female jockey allowance system. I can’t see for the life of me what 1lb off the allowance is going to do. Personally I don’t think they have trialled it enough. I also think the only publicity they have received for this is because of Hayley Turner riding there, I don’t think we would have heard so much about it otherwise. Lastly, it is typical of today’s workers that a fork was left against the chase course during a race at Kelso. There is very little supervision from the tracks when putting the turf back. The old saying “you can’t get the staff” is proving right is this case.