The new game machines are set to go in the shops ...

It's a really windy day

Wednesday, 03 January 2018

"The absent are never without fault, nor the present without excuse."

Benjamin Franklin.


After a wild night, it was still very windy this morning and I was picking up plastic bags as I walked across the heath in the dark, wind and rain at first lot. All went well though and with everybody in, we could give the horses a good exercise close to home on Hamilton Hill. It looks like the week is going to continue very similar with bands of rain on a daily basis crossing the country, so it is waterproof coats and trousers at all times.

On Hamilton Hill

It is interesting reading in the Post today. Usually Julian Muscatt gets it right, but with his take on the steroid question, I think his example was out of order. He seems to miss the point. In the two cases he mentions both were completely out of the control of the trainer. Everybody agrees with the BHA that cheating in anyway should be hit hard but although the buck stops with the trainer cannot be held responsible point blank for everything in his care as the two cases have highlighted. The articles example that the trainer being influenced in the way he has written it is completely misleading.  This problem will continue to roll on.

Ready for second lot

The bookmakers are starting to get desperate as after all the big favourites got beat over the weekend they are now trying to drag money in by giving the punter a non-runner option. They usually only do this close to the big meetings but are already starting to lay Cheltenham races with this initiative. I should think everybody has got an empty wallet after the holidays, including them.