They are not children ...

A much calmer morning

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Mystery Star (Nikki) cantering around Side Hill


"Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,
Friendship without envy,
Or beauty without vanity?"
- Ronald Duncan, 1954


Taking a turn in the woods, as horses emerge from Side, Warren and Long Hills

A much calmer morning with very little wind and high clouds. I sent horses off in every direction this morning, to Warren Hill, Long Hill, Side Hill and Railway Land then, after their exercise, we all joined together in the plantation at the top of Warren Hill. Steve and David have been getting on with the yearlings again and he tells their are now only three to sit on, which he will do next week. I know I keep saying it but they are a cracking bunch.


Dictate (Abby) setting off at the bottom of Warren Hill

A good weekend of racing with Cheltenham having a very exciting card today, climaxing with the Paddy Power Gold Cup. I am sure they will draw the crowds and they have been well supported by some good racing at other tracks. Tomorrow they continue at Cheltenham with a good card and Punchestown, although with fewer runners, will be worth watching.


Miss Wendy (Abbi)

There is a long letter in today's Racing Post from Rod Street, the chief executive of Racing Enterprises Ltd., trying to explain the reasons behind the Racing for Change ideas. He is heavily critical of Alistair Down but he misses the point that Alistair was making. The racing professionals and people, who love the sport, are very open to change and understand the need to keep moving forward but, they feel quite rightly, that they are being ridden over rough-shod by people who know nothing or do not understand the fundamentals and don't have any feeling or passion for the sport. We must all get the Racing Post tomorrow when Jim McGrath will be explaining his side of the story. 


The yearlings on their first day out of the indoor ride

Arsenal are away to Everton tomorrow, live on Sky Sports, so Phil and Ian will be in a bad mood on Monday. The Owls are at home to Rochdale and I can only hope that the Dale will be fielding a few players, who play like Gracie Fields and we may have a chance. It is National Kindness Day today, so the radio told me, as I came into work this morning and, consequently, I have been very nice to everybody all morning!