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Another clear morning with no wind...

Monday, 15 November 2010


Akula (Colin) cantering up Long Hill on a frosty morning

"A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." 


~Robert Frost



Smokey Oakey (Ashley)

Another clear morning with no wind but we have had the first real frost of the winter. It is a mixed forecast for the week with bands of wind and rain, sweeping across the country. We will be having a few runners on the all-weather, Tuesday and Friday, as well as a few over hurdles at the weekend. A good string went out first lot and after warming up well with a good trot in the indoor school, they proceeded to Long Hill polytrack and cantered 7 furlongs up there. All moved well and the lads were delighted with them.


Astrodiva (Dan)

A very good sporting weekend with great racing, as well as rugby and football, where both our teams won, so the office is a happy place this morning. I must mention here the great win of Snow Fairy in Japan, who won the Queen Elizabeth Cup, which is worth nearly a million pounds. She was bought back by the connections for only 1800 euros at Fairyhouse as a yearling and it just goes to show, there is sometimes no logic to this game. Luck does play a great part and I would suspect that anybody, who had bid 2000 euros at the sale, would now be the happy owner and it is amazing, every year there are always one or two like it - congratulations to all concerned.


Kinsya is playing nanny to the yearlings, as they leave the indoor school

One bit of excitement on Sunday morning in the yard, when a big red parrot was seen flying about. It must have escaped from somewhere and I hope he or she is caught soon as, I am sure, he will not like the cold nights. I have always had a parrot and I, myself, lost one at Flint Cottage many years ago. He was called Jasper and he escaped one evening stables, spending many days at Geoff Wragg's yard on his fruit trees before de-camping to Cheveley Park Stud, where he lived on their cherry trees for months. Several attempts at capture took place and a reward was announced but to no avail, as he disappeared one day, never to be seen again. Let's hope the red one can find a good home soon, they are fantastic pets and give hours of pleasure.


A few seconds later, emerging onto Rayes Lane