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Two colt foals

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

"One neglect makes ten regrets."

James Lendall Batsford.


Topalova leads Astroblaze

We woke up to plenty of snow this morning and there has been a steady fall continuing from daylight. It's only a quarter to half an inch though so far and shouldn't cause too much disruption - although knowing the way the British panic when it snows, I wouldn't be surprised to see everything closing. Everybody who should be is in this morning and we have been getting the horses out for  a healthy exercise as best we can. Everything has gone well so far.



Gee Sixty Six pulled much too hard last night which threw away any chance he ever had. It's disappointing but we shall now revert to hurdles when the ground is better, and I'm sure the bigger jockeys will make it look easy. I know it was an extra meeting yesterday at Chelmsford, and it was very good of them to put it on, but I have never been to a race meeting where there were less people, in fact there were more staff than there were visitors. It just goes to show that the racecourses don't require customers to make a profit. The money for the media rights keeps flowing in.


Topapinion leading the string back home

It was all go yesterday evening as Angie phoned to tell me that one of the mares had started to foal as I got within a mile of home. Astromagick produced a lovely colt foal by Charmed Spirit which all went well, and then Smile That Smile started to get warm and we were busy again helping her to deliver a colt by Monsieur Bond, her first foal. David, our stud groom, is a very experienced foaler and once again he was brilliant with these two. Both foals were soon up and sucking and for once we have colts rather than fillies.


Warm rugs are needed at the moment