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Quite a dull, dark, damp morning

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Akula (Colin Bolger), Marvo (Mattie Bachelor) and Smokey Oakey (Ashley)

"Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail."  




Astroleo (Ashley)

Quite a dull, dark, damp morning with no wind - thank goodness - but it is on its way. There has been plenty of activity with the jockeys arriving at the Links and we have had a really good schooling session, in preparation for a few runners at the weekend. It is great when a morning goes like this: the ground was perfect for schooling, it was quiet with no other strings and the lads were in high spirits - all-in-all a good morning. 


Astrovenus (Colin Bolger), Miss Wendy (Mattie Bachelor) and Astroleo (Ashley) 

Both horses at Southwell were disappointing and I put it down, purely and simply, to not handling the kick-back and the fibresand surface. I am sure Astrodiva will perform better on Polytrack and Astrodonna has won her races, doing well for herself and her dam. We may give her a run at Wolverhampton, where she won as a two year old.  


Astrovenus (Colin Bolger), Miss Wendy (Mattie Bachelor) and Astroleo (Ashley)

I see several other people are starting to comment on the Racing for Change/Jim McGrath situation. Kirsten Rausing has always been against The Champions' Day change away from Newmarket and I think her comment about a 'reality check' and giving serious consideration to delaying the proposals, until everybody is confident about the future, needs to be taken seriously. I have yet to come across anybody, who is professionally involved in the industry, that thinks this is a good idea; maybe our chief executive of the NTF, Rupert Arnold, is the only one, as his comment in the Racing Post today seems to suggest.

Yesterday, I stated that the professionals are not against change, far from it, we want to see a vibrant industry. In my opinion, all the money we are spending wastefully on all this marketing gobbledegook, should be spent on sorting out the one problem we have - the finances of racing - sort that out and everything else will follow. The Levy, the betting exchanges, the Tote and working with the bookmakers, to sort out the overseas tax, is the only thing people should be concentrating on.    


The Carnival Dancer ex Astrolove filly out on Rayes Lane