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A really frosty morning...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Akula (Colin)

"He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."  ~Epictetus



Astrodonna (Iain)

A really frosty morning and it has hung about on the ground until past ten o' clock but it has not frozen the ground solid, so the canters are still in great shape. Everything did its normal canter first lot and then we have ventured out with two lots of yearlings and cantered up Warren Hill. The old saying ''I saw them all out and saw them come back'' was very much to the fore both those lots.


Walking home by the copse on Long Hill

In the Racing Post this morning, the Levy Board basic daily contribution to the prize funds of the racecourses was published, showing an unbelievably gloomy picture of an average cut of 38%. The biggest cut is Worcester which is 68% and the least was Aintree which is 18% but good tracks like Chester are having to take a 43% cut and Ripon a 49% cut. These are really massive cuts and the bookmaking industry should hold their heads in shame for letting this happen. We have all got to work together to sort this mess out before racecourses close and trainers pack up, which inevitably will bring redundancies with staff and all the other ancillary companies, that rely on the industry start, to feel a real pinch.
Prize money is the lifeblood of the industry. Owners, although they are not forced to own a racehorse, supply the product for people to bet on and all everybody is asking for is a fair return. If your horse is successful you should be able to recover some or most of the costs, not like it is at present. As you can see from the above it is getting even worse and owners are severely out of pocket even if their horse gets placed.    


Some of the yearlings having their first canter on Warren Hill

Another good night for The Owls with them beating Walsall 3-0 and we are now fourth in the league - it looks like at long last we have got our act together. I shouldn't mention the 'A' word, as both Phil and Ian are very touchy and even I must agree with them it was a clear cut penalty. Why pay five referees when none of them has a clue? Arsenal don't deserve to get knocked out of the Champions League and Phil reliably informs me they won't do. 


Ashley on the Halling ex Optimistic colt



Hannah on the Bahamian Bounty ex Qilin colt