They are not children ...

The snow was coming down in torrents...

Thursday, 02 December 2010


Akula (Ashley) makes his way up Warren Hill in the snow

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength."
 ~Eric Hoffer



Walking home on a bitterly cold morning

The snow was coming down in torrents first lot but we have not had anywhere near what the rest of the country have had and I think we have got away with it lightly. What a country we are, when the whole of the road infrastructure and the airports come to a standstill, when we have a bit of snow. Why can't we be like other countries that really get snow? How do they keep going and we don't? I put it all down to Health and safety!


Kinsya (Iain)

I must just talk about the race meeting at Southwell the other day and give credit to all the staff, who must have put in a tremendous amount of work to keep the show on the road. The tractors were constantly at it and had been all night but the paddock was unuseable, so the horses paraded in the pre-parade ring. Everybody from the jockeys and trainers, Jockey Club officials and all the racing staff were in very cheerful moods as the afternoon progressed. You will never go racing in worse conditions but no harm was done to man nor beast and I am sure the racing public appreciated their efforts. The only one downer was that the Pantry didn't have any fish pie on the menu and I had to resort to the cottage variety - absolutely delicious, even Michael Winner would have liked it! 


Ron (Abby)

Plenty of print today in the Racing Post on the sale of the Tote and I just hope that the racing industry has put forward, or is even sufficiently well-organised to have done so, a good case on the industry's behalf. We mustn't let this opportunity pass us by, as it is one of those jewels that could really help the finances of racing. We have let many opportunities pass us by over the years and this we must not. We should be putting all the efforts of our top brains into finding the right solution, never mind Racing for Change - put that right on the back burner - sort the finances out and that will put racing on the right way forward.  


The geese and ducks at Dullingham Park seem unconcerned by the recent cold snap

It is the last day of Tattersalls sales today and what a sale it has been. There are new people coming in to the breeding industry from all over the world and the competition for our horses is fantastic, especially at the higher end. The Japanese, the Middle East, India and Australia, along with the Americans have made it a lively auction at all times. If only the prize money in Britain could be sorted out, there is no telling how big our industry could grow. So many people are so short-sighted and only look to the short term rather than seeing the bigger picture, which is where the golden goose is but, at present, everybody is having to make do with week-old bantam eggs.  


Charlie, the teaser stallion, at Dullingham Park