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A very cold morning with a blanket of freezing fog...

Monday, 06 December 2010


Kinsya leads the yearlings in the indoor ride

"Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it."

 ~Author Unknown


MHT keeps a watchful eye on the horses in the fog, as they trot around the ride

A very cold morning with a blanket of freezing fog, which is not very nice to ride out in as, when you get to the top of the canter, your whole body is covered in frost. So, after first lot everything has stayed in the indoor school, which was a good job because I have just received a text from Nick Patton, the Heath manager, to say there is a loose horse on Racecourse Side, which they can't find in the fog and if anybody does to give them a ring, so I think it was a wise move on our behalf to keep them close to home.


The Act One ex Highbrook colt awaits his turn to go out

Phil and Ian are crowing this morning as Arsenal are top of the Premiership. Phil actually went on Saturday and said the two goals were incredible and that Samir Nasri will be the next Thierry Henry - BUT they were only playing Fulham! I won't discuss The Owls' match except to say we didn't win but we are still in the play-off positions and our financial situation looks to be sorted out.


The swimming pool frozen over

There is a new website which has just got up-and-running about Racing for Change's controversial decision re: the Champion stakes. I haven't logged on yet but I think it is all about having your say on this matter, so I would encourage anybody who has an opinion on this one way or the other to log on at