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A bitterly cold morning...

Tuesday, 07 December 2010


The dovecote at Flint Cottage early this morning

In The bleak mid-winter
Frosty winds made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter,
Long ago.
- Christina Rossetti



The Windsor Knot ex Imposition and the Motivator ex Mega fillies wrapped up warmly this morning

A bitterly cold morning with the thermometer showing a temperature of minus six when we came to work this morning. Fortunately, there is no wind and we now have bright blue skies with just a few light clouds. The trees and the roofs are still covered in hoar-frost and it is one of those picture postcard sort of days.


Finger Spin and Holly returning from first lot

The older horses went out for a canter this morning but I kept the yearlings trotting in the indoor ride, as the ground is very frozen and it would be all-too-easy for a yearling to slip and fall over in this weather. The indoor ride is invaluable on days like these, as you can get the horses out and give them a really good exercise without the risk of them injuring themselves. Our indoor ride, which was the first one ever built, must have been quite an innovation back in 1830 and would, undoubtedly, have given its trainer a distinct advantage. It also shelters both horse and rider from the worst of the weather and, in particular, the winds, which can cut you in half in this part of East Anglia.    


The stone plaque, shrouded in frozen cobwebs this morning

Even though the walking grounds were frozen today in these extreme temperatures, the canters were in excellent condition. The Heathmen continually harrow the all-weather canters, when the weather is this cold and we are so lucky in Newmarket to be able to keep our horses exercised, almost whatever the weather. The sheer volume and variety of ground that we have available to us, at any time of the year, is what makes Newmarket the premier training centre in the world and the reason why the best horses are sent here to be trained. I, for one, would not wish to train anywhere else.      


Kinsya (Iain) sets off at the bottom of Long Hill



Walking home alongside the Town Sand