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Another freezing, foggy morning

Wednesday, 08 December 2010


The mares enjoying the sunshine on a cold day

"Remember the kettle, always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings."

- English saying 


The geese and ducks must be camera shy!

Another freezing, foggy morning, in fact, it got foggier as it got lighter. I was talking to the Heath manager this morning about how to prevent accidents at this time of year, when it is so dark first thing. There are still certain members of the Newmarket Trainers' Association that insist on pulling out at a stupidly early time, when it is still very dark. You cannot see to canter, never mind anyone seeing you, when you cross the roads. My opinion is that we should bring in an enforceable rule that states no trainer can go on the Heath until a certain time and stick to it rigidly. There is a major accident waiting to happen if something is not done about this. We have had our usual canter up the hill at about 7.30 am and the yearlings have stayed in the indoor school.


Seasonal Blossom and Tawny Way

I see from the front page of the Racing Post that anybody interested in taking on the Tote have got to have their bids in by this Friday. I am sure there will be a lot of bids for it as it is a slumbering giant and could be of unbelievable benefit to the racing industry if run correctly. During my lifetime in racing, we have had a succession of chairman who have not moved with the times and, consequently, the Tote has lagged behind in technology and innovation. Let's hope whoever buys it will have the wherewithall to put it back where it belongs.


Kinsya and the yearlings trotting in the indoor ride

Philand Ian are on tenderhooks because Arsenal have got to get a result tonight to stay in the Champions League. I am taking great delight in telling them that Spurs are already through. 


The Araafa ex Angels Guard You colt