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A very clear night

Thursday, 09 December 2010


MHT encourages Astrodonna on her way

"A good jockey doesn't need orders and a bad jockey couldn't carry them out anyway; so it's best not to give them any."

 - Lester Piggott


Akula (Ashley) and Kinsya (Nikki)

A very clear night so consequently, a good hard frost and the first text I got this morning on my phone was from Nick Patton, the Manager of the Heath. He was letting everybody know that Rayes Lane was impassable because of ice caused by Anglian Water, who were flushing out the water pipes in the whole of Newmarket. Who in their right minds would be doing this when the weather is like this? Only a big company with no communication or common sense. The walking ground was like a skating rink, completely covered with floods of water, turning to ice instantly. Nick had his team there very quickly and they did a fantastic job, with Nick leading from the front, getting the water away and the ice all chipped and shovelled to the side. By second lot it was passable, all credit goes to the team and all complaints to Anglian Water - but I suppose you wouldn't be able to get through on the phone!    


Astroleo (Abbi) and Finger Spin (Holly)

I mentioned yesterday about the sale of the Tote and I read today that former BHB chairman, Martin Broughton, is submitting a bid through his company Sports Investment Partners. It also states that the Reuben brothers, owners of Northern racing, are putting in a bid, alongside Betfred boss, Fred Done and Andy Stewart, the racehorse owner and city guru. My big question is: where is the bid from Racing plc.? And if we are not putting in a bid, why not? We have had years to think about this and if it goes out of our hands this time, it will be another one of the major, missed opportunities that we have had since the 1960's.


Astrovenus (Zeeshan)), Miss Wendy (Hannah) and Astrodonna (Iain)

I have been able to keep all the horses on the go quite well through this big freeze and it looks like we may have a runner this weekend at Cheltenham. They have had the covers down all week and, with luck, the temperature will rise slightly, so we can run Akula in the listed 3 year old hurdle on Saturday.


Ashley tries to get some feeling back in his hands after cantering

Congratulations to John Powell from Bradford. He was one of five, who tied on equal winners but won it on the numbers of seconds. He now has a choice of a year's free racing with one of the syndicate horses: either Comrade Bond or On The Rocks, our new Iceman two year old colt. Thank you to everybody who took part and there will be another competition starting up in early March. All being well, we will be having our annual Christmas quiz, compiled by Phil, in the last week of December.