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Monday, 20 December 2010

Vintage Christmas Bells Clipart



The Holly and the ivy

The holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown
O the rising of the sun
And the running of the deer
The playing of the merry organ
Sweet singing of the choir



Miss Wendy (Abby) and Lady Bellatrix (Holly) pull out second lot

Our local radio station is telling us that it is the coldest day of the winter so far and it certainly feels like it. Thank goodness for the indoor school, which is invaluable, especially with the weather we are experiencing at present. Although I must be honest here and say we, in Newmarket, have got away lightly with the depth of snow, compared with everywhere else. We have had staff on holiday, some of whom have managed to get back, including Caroline, who runs Exeter Ride. She went to America and was only delayed a few hours before landing at Gatwick but Mo from the stud, who went back home to Pakistan is still in transit with no fixed date for a return. What a nightmare it has been at the airports, train stations and motorways. I personally think we have been hoodwinked a bit by the authorities, who have hidden behind health and safety regulations and cost cutting to hide their inability to cope. 


Rayvin Black (Dan) gets a lead from Darren

The heathmen are constantly salting and gritting all the walking grounds, as you can see from the picture below and the all-weather canters are holding up very well, so everything is being kept on the move. Mind you it doesn't look like there will be any racing this side of Christmas, certainly on the grass and, even though they have put the covers on Kempton, I would expect the King George day to be doubtful. We have just looked at the website and they state "unable to lift covers this morning due to weight of snow" but they are calling the ground good! I would think it is more like good and hard but well done for trying and I wish them good luck in their efforts to get the meeting on. 


The gritter keeps Rayes Lane safe for horses and people 

Both studs are in the grip of the weather but we have plenty of stables and barns to keep them in at nights and our stores of hay and straw, feed, etc. are plentiful. The major problem is keeping the water unfrozen in the tanks, even though they are well-lagged, this weather can cause havoc. The staff are doing sterling work, which is very much appreciated. It won't be long before the foals start popping out with the first one due around the middle of January - it is amazing how quickly it all comes round again.  


The mares out at Dullingham Park

What a fantastic result last night in Birmingham when A. P. was crowned Sports Personality of the year. He is the first and only jockey to win this very prestigious award and it was very richly deserved. Second was Phil 'The Power' Taylor, another hugely deserving sports person, who has been fifteen times world darts champion and third was the athlete, Jessica Ennis.
In winning this award A.P. has done more to raise horse racing's profile than any amount of Racing for Change initiatives. With our industry undergoing major changes at present, this will be a great boost and hopefully kick start the right people to make the correct decisions. 

Jockey Tony McCoy wins BBC Sport Personality of the Year 2010 at the LG Arena, Birmingham, England, Sunday Dec. 19, 2010.

A.P.McCoy collects his trophy

Arsenal didn't play on Saturday, as there was a bit of snow and they didn't want their players getting cold. What would Herbert Chapman, the great manager, make of today's players; the likes of David Jack, Alex James and Cliff Bastin would have thought nothing of playing in snow and ice and not a glove would have been seen! It is a pity Wednesday had to play because they were hammered 5-1 by Exeter but at least they ran out on to the pitch, even if they put up a pitiful performance. I was pleased to read in today's paper that we are going to buy four individuals in the January transfer window but seeing the proposed names I am not sure they will be able to understand our manager, never mind the  Yorkshire humour of the fans!
We must mention the proposed new Champions Day once again and if you are for it or against it, please look at the website  and sign up.