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A very mild, still morning..

Thursday, 06 January 2011


"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one  gets burned." 
- Buddha


Steve puts on Watch Chain's bridle before tacking him up

A very mild, still morning and it was actually a pleasure to be out on the Heath without the biting wind. I fear it is the lull before the storm, as the forecast is for it to get colder again and snow is nearly certain this weekend. This nice weather though has allowed me to crack on with the horses this morning and we have done two good canters with the older horses, the second one being what I call a 'Yorkshire canter'. All moved very well and are ready to run in the next fortnight. Akula is doing especially well physically and is just starting to settle in his work, making him a very exciting prospect.


Kinsya leads the ex Tenpence colt, Rayvin Black, Joe the Coat, the ex Seasonal Blossom colt and the ex Gold Hush colt 

I see from this morning's Racing Post that the bidders for the Tote will be shortlisted within the next few weeks and let's hope the correct ones are picked. There was another article in the Post today about the former Horseracing Forensic Laboratory, which was sold by the Levy Board to a venture capital company for £20 million in January 2007. I said at the time that it was completely crackers to sell it and the price was far too low. Since the new company has taken it over, they have developed new innovations and it has just been sold again to one of the world's biggest forensic laboratory organisations for an undisclosed sum;  I am sure they will have made a tremendous profit. This is a great example of the racing industry selling their crown jewels for peanuts without any thought or imagination at all. My fear now, and I am sure this will happen, is that the Tote, which has had nobody with any drive or desire to make it successful for as long as I can remember, will go the same way. It will be sold cheaply to an independent group, who do not have racing's interest at heart but have the wherewithall and the personnel to drive it into the twenty-first century and then sell it at a huge profit. I hope I am wrong but very much doubt it.  


Walking home off Warren Hill

Another thing to mention this morning is Monet's Garden, who has been an unbelievable servant to his trainer, Nicky Richards and is fighting for his life with a severe foot infection. I don't know the actual cause or the problem but these infections are sometimes very tricky, as you can't necessarily drain them and they attack all sorts of things in the foot. Let's hope he can recover and have a very well-earned retirement in the paddocks.


Locum, who arrived back from Garrowby yesterday, gets a new set of shoes

As you know, Angie and I,  I have been looking at stallions all week. On Tuesday we did the National, Darley and Cheveley Park studs; yesterday we did Newsells Park and Juddmonte and today we will be going to Lanwades, Shadwell and, hopefully, the Royal studs. It is always very interesting to see the stallions year-on-year as they develop, especially the younger ones and it is amazing how much they can change in so short a time. We are looking at their general well-being, their conformation and how they move, along with their temperament and  how sound they were when showing their ability on the racecourse. These factors all come in to our process of deciding matings for the mares.


  Barwick sets off at the bottom of Warren Hill

The office is very quiet this morning with Ian and Phil not saying much after the 0-0 draw at the Emirates last night. The only person crowing is our feeder Darren, who is a Magpie fan with Newcastle beating West Ham 5-0.