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Another miserable morning....

Thursday, 13 January 2011


"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else and for everything you gain, you lose something else".

- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Second lot on Rayes Lane

Another miserable morning: dark wet and muddy but at least it is pretty mild, which is keeping any frost away, as it would play havoc with the conditions as they are. First lot have had a really good canter and the two year olds, if we can miss the rainbursts, will be doing likewise. We are still in the middle of clipping and trimming, especially the horses that have come back from Garrowby but they have all got very good, healthy-looking skins and have really benefitted from their 'holidays' in Yorkshire.


Cantering up Warren Hill polytrack

Headlines in the Racing Post today about  owners, trainers and jockeys plus internet laying gamblers being banned. This is all bad publicity for the sport and we can well do without it but I have always maintained and will do so to my dieing day that when you can bet on anything to lose it opens the door to corruption. Whether it is bowling no balls, kicking the ball out for a throw-in, missing a shot at snooker, etc. it is all so easy nowadays to bet on. The Betfair model opens the door to this and, even though, they would counter that their betting books are open for the authorities to keep a check on things, I still maintain you shouldn't be able to bet to lose.


Barwick leads third lot out of the yard

Quite a bit of doom and gloom this morning in the office with Phil and Ian very quiet after Arsenal's dismal display at Portland Road last night. Nevertheless, a great result for Ipswich to win 1-0 and quite a few of my lads are on a high today and hoping to visit Wembley in February -  I just hope they get lucky again and Arsenal play as badly in the return leg.  


Jennifer J sets off at the bottom of Warren Hill


Bird of Faith being long-reined on Rayes Lane