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A mild, dry morning after a very wet night...

Friday, 14 January 2011


"The strength of the group is the strength of the leader."
- Vince Lombardi



Akula (Colin Bolger) leading Miss Wendy and Marvo

A mild, dry morning after a very wet night. We had first lot, comprising of older horses, in the indoor ride for a start and then, once it got light enough, we took second lot up to the Links schooling ground, where we met Mattie and Colin. The overnight rain had made the ground in front of the hurdles pretty soft but nothing compared with most racecourses at the moment. In fact, most clerks of the courses would have called it 'good' ground. Everything went very well with the horses that have already run over hurdles and I can't tell you how pleased I am with Akula, who has done nothing but thrive all winter - his hurdling is electric. You only get this ability with the very top class ones and I am starting to compare him with some of the best I have had. We then popped three horses that had not seen a pole before and all performed with great credit. Both the jockeys were in great form and after I had had a good gripe to the Heath manager, Nick, about dog walkers and cars being parked everywhere, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the morning: as it should be.  


Miss Wendy (Ashley)

A good update on Monet's Garden's condition in the Racing Post today; he is continuing to improve and let's hope he can make a full recovery and enjoy his retirement. He has given so much pleasure to so many people, he really deserves it.


Astroleo (Ashley)

You will have noticed that they are now calling trainers by their first names in the Racing Post - another 'Racing for pennies' idea. A few trainers have still held out for just their initials: John and Barry Hills, Stan Moore and Ralph Beckett, who explains that people pronounce his name wrongly, calling him Ralph when it is pronounced 'Raif'! I will be known as Mark H Tompkins. I am sure that will attract thousands more to the sport and mean that the uninitiated can connect with me better!


Astrovenus (Mattie Bachelor)

Still no foals as yet but one or two of the mares are beginning to show tell-tale signs of starting to get there. I don't think it will be too much longer before we have pictures of new-born foals on the site with the weather warming up. Our mating plans are really taking shape with just have a few more to decide on and firm up the contracts and then it is all systems go for the next few months.


MHT moving the poles


Koraleva Tectona (Colin Bolger)


Watch Chain (Ashley), followed by Astrodiva and Koraleva Tectona


Astrodiva (Mattie Bachelor)