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A mild, very damp morning once again...

Thursday, 20 January 2011


"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things."

 - Robert Brant


Barwick leads the 2 year olds, all upsides in pairs

A mild, very damp morning once again - January really is one of those months that you can't wait to end. February will fly by and the flat season proper will burst into action in April. All the horses are looking pictures, eating well and getting fitter on a daily basis. We have just been doing normal canters with them all on Long and Warren Hills this morning.


Sleigh Bells (Zeeshan)

Yesterday's runner was a bit disappointing but she had not run for a good while and we learnt a bit about her from the race. I will let the handicapper drop her a few pounds this next week and then get her out on the track again. Her previous races suggest that her performances on the all-weather are below those that she produces on the grass and it may not be until the summer that I can get her back to her best.


Cornish Beau (Iain)

We had the local ITV news cameras here this morning to canvass my opinion on the debate taking place in the House of Commons today in Parliament. Our local MP, Mat Hancock, is leading the discussion on the future of the Levy. I was spouting off about the prize money cuts and how it would affect the training profession, as we have already had two or three trainers pack up because of it. I am certain that the loss of jobs to the industry will continue to grow unless we get a sensible solution agreed by all. The racecourses and the Horsemen's Group need to be as one and then we can work together with the betting industry to sort this out. It can be done but it needs strong leadership and determination with a lot of common sense from all parties. 


Kathleen Frances (Butch) 


All ready to canter


Third lot sets off at the bottom of Warren Hill


David cleans out the horsebox after his trip to Kempton last night