Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

Another mild morning with no wind..

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

 - Ann Frank



Bird of Faith (Nikki)

Another mild morning with no wind and I have really got on with the first two lots. Akula moved really well in his work with Marvo on the Al Bahathri in his preparation for a run at Cheltenham on Saturday. The two year olds second lot did two good canters, including a spin on the Side Hill yearling circus. They really are coming on in leaps and bounds and it gives you optimism for the season ahead.


On The Rocks (David) leaving Flint Cottage

I see from the front of the Racing Post that 'Racing for Pennies' is claiming some of the credit for the increased attendances at the racecourses this year with their free entry week; they say they are going to expand this initiative much more this year. This would be a great idea and my recommendation is that they should do it to the bottom ten tracks in the league table on a permanent basis and let's look at the results then. I think they would be very similar. Poor grade racing attracts nobody and, in fact, has the opposite affect: it alienates anybody who is at all interested. Tracks like York and Chester are booming, as they have got everything right and it wouldn't matter what day of the week they raced, they would still have tremendous crowds. It is nearly criminal that a very good track like Redcar is in steep decline, as all the professionals like it. It is fair on the horses, has good stabling but the standard of racing and prize money has declined lately and the figures show this. Put on good racing, attract the horses and you will attract the crowds - simple. 


Joe the Coat (Dan) and My Guardian Angel (Abby) 

We still have some cracking horses for sale either individually, in partnerships or in syndicates - just look at our 'Home' page for directions and, if you know anybody who may be interested, give them a nudge. I am sure this year's intake are above average and are very conservatively priced - just give me a ring at any time to discuss matters further.


Barwick leads the string up Warren Hill

Astrodiva blatantly failed to stay yesterday at Kempton. She travelled well for a long way before her stamina gave out and we will be reverting back to a mile and an half and also giving her a spin over hurdles.


MHT giving the lads their orders out on Side Hill

Gary, the horse dentist, arrived this morning at the crack of dawn to do all the horses again. He does them twice a year and I must say he does a fantastic job. Teeth get very sharp at the edges and there are many caps (old teeth being pushed up from below) and wolf teeth, which sit in the mouth just where the bit fits, that need removing. A happy horse, who can eat his food and be ridden without any discomfort, is a must and to this end the dentist is very important.


Gary, the dentist, doing Jennifer J's teeth (above) and Astroverdi's below