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A damp morning with quite a bit of drizzle...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

"If I keep the green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come."

- Chinese proverb



The two year olds cantering around Side Hill 

A damp morning with quite a bit of drizzle in the air but not cold and every morning it seems to get that little bit lighter. I don't know what we will do if they bring in this crackpot scheme of moving the clocks forward an hour to permanent summertime. It won't get light until well past eight o'clock and this is just another barmy, European, liberal idea. Nobody ever thinks of the people, who get up early and work but I suppose it is par for the course, when we are ruled by political classes that have never had a job or run their own business. 


Taking a turn afterwards

A great letter from Bill O'Gorman in the Racing Post today on page 10 - compulsory reading for anybody in the industry. I know we can't move backwards but history has a way of repeating itself and a big reduction in fixtures and a few racecourses closing would make the money available much greater. The betting revenue wouldn't go down, in fact, quite the reverse as the racing would be much more interesting and meaningful.


Heading home through the woods

The Arsenal fans are crowing in the office this morning, although I think they were quite worried for a long while. At least, they have made a final and now have a chance of winning a trophy, which they have not done for the last 5 years. I must comment on Fabregas, once again, who is without doubt the best player in the Premiership but, if I had been the referee last night, he would have been sent off in the first 10 minutes for diving in the penalty area. Why a player as good as him has to resort to cheating is beyond me and the sooner a rule can be issued to the referees the better - Cesc must have been taking lessons from Tom Daly. The Owls couldn't beat a nine man Yeovil team and were very lucky to get away with even a draw - heads will roll.


Dazinsky (Steve) and Imjin River (Iain) 


Third lot at the top of Warren Hill