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It feels much colder out on the Heath...

Tuesday, 01 February 2011

"Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden on the mind."

 - Buddha 



The Tiger Hill ex Gold Hush colt (David) and Joe the Coat (Dan)

It feels much colder out on the Heath this morning; even though there is no wind, it is absolutely freezing and waterproof overtrousers and big coats were imperative. We have now got a bit of rain as well to make it even more delightful! Warren Hill grass was open for the first time this year and it is positioned as far over as it can be. It is better to approach it from the Cheveley Road side when watching but very few horses were going up it this morning, as there was a little bit of frost in the ground. 


Imjin River (Zeeshan)

The headlines on the front page of the Racing Post are about the sale of the Tote and that racing will get half of the profits. However, when you read the article, their debt is £60 to £70 million and the pension deficit is around £40 million. So, if the government gets £200 million for the sale, the amount that will come to racing, after deducting the above, is only £50 million, which would soon get lost in some hair brain scheme or other. Phil has just commented that you could just about buy one Premiership footballer with it! I thought the Tote was run for racing and for the financial benefit it would give the industry, if run properly. Unfortunately, it has been run by very poor management for as long as I can remember with no investment and imagination and how they could have the debts and the pension deficit is beyond me. Have questions been asked I doubt it.
We still don't know the people who have made the shortlist of buyers but they seem to think that the Tote foundation is still on the list. Let's hope they can win it and then be brutal with how they deal with the personnel and the way forward. There is a great opportunity here to really put some money back into the industry but don't hold your breath, as there are many commercial, private companies trying to get their hands on it, who would only be out for their own shareholders, not the good of racing.   


Astrodiva (Steve)

One runner today, Astroleo in the 1.30 pm at Southwell. He is a course and distance winner here and ran with credit last time. He is fit and well and, if getting a good position from the stalls, he will be staying on well at the end. He certainly has a chance of finishing in the frame.


Exeter Road

My campaign to get the double yellow lines painted on Rayes Lane, Exeter Road and The Watercourse has succeeded, as you can see from the pictures above and below. If they can make the place safer for all the horses, riders and pedestrians, who use this part of town on a regular basis, we will have succeeded. I would like to thank everybody who has helped us achieve this.


Rayes Lane