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A cool morning.....

Monday, 14 February 2011

"As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words."

  ~William Shakespeare



Piccarello (Lee)

A cool morning with the temperature noticeably lower at first lot; however, there is now clear, blue sky and it is a glorious morning. We had a loose one first lot at the top of Long Hill when it jumped and kicked, depositing the lad on the ground. Second lot another one bit the dust and, as you know I always say 'everything comes in threes', well third lot, right on cue cantering up Warren Hill, another one hit the ground. The good thing was that no harm done to horse or rider and I love it, especially at this time of year that the horses are feeling like they are.    


The older horses walking down Long Hill second lot

A terrible day at Newbury on Saturday with an unprecedented occurence in the paddock that left two horses dead and a lot of people traumatized. The investigation as to how it all happened is well under way now and we will know the facts in the next few weeks but it will make a lot of people think, not only in the racing world but also at other sporting venues. I don't think it is wise to speculate as to what did actually happen but our best wishes go to everybody concerned.


Carol gives Ashley a leg up onto Toptempo

No more foals as yet and they really are starting to stack up now. With the weather warming up throughout the day it must make the mares think of getting on with it. I don't know why I am hoping they foal as all it means is long nights and no sleep! I am sure I will be telling you of new arrivals this week. 


Heading over to the ride in the sunshine

We have had several new staff arrive in the last couple of weeks and we are now up to full capacity. Colin Williams appeared out of his hibernation to have a look at us on the heath and he will be dusting his helmet and back protector down this next week. I cannot wait to hear his incessant chatter during first lot and, being a patriotic Welshman, he also thinks and believes he can sing well. He often gives us plenty to smile about - a real character is Colin.


Walking through Warren Hill plantation


Cornish Beau (Butch)


Long Hill copse