They are not children ...

A very mild and still morning...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity."

 - Louis Pasteur



Astroverdi (Ashley)

A very mild and still morning and it is lovely to be out and about on the Heath. It makes a great change after the few days of wet and windy weather we have had lately and long may days like today continue. We have been doing good canters up Warren Hill grass, which is in great condition and we have also had the two year old colts, through the practice starting stalls at the top of Long Hill. One or two had a good look and required a lead but they soon all got the idea and took to it well. They will do that a few more times in the next fortnight before I take them to the real stalls on Racecourse side to teach them to jump out.


Marvo (Steve)

I must comment on the Nicky Henderson/James Main story that finished this week with the vet James Main being struck off the veterinary register. It has seemed a very funny case right from the start with an  experienced vet, who was also working for the BHA, along with a top class and experienced trainer, giving substances on the morning of the race, which is against the rules of racing. The BHA had an inquiry, which to my mind was beyond belief, when the vet refused to attend and now we have had the veterinary profession hold their own inquiry. You only have to read their comments to realise what had been going on. I do not know any ins-or-outs but the one thing I do know is that training should be a level playing field and be scrupulously controlled with the correct punishments for the offence.


Smokey Oakey (Butch)


Watch Chain gives the two year olds a lead through the stalls at the top of Long Hill


Like Clockwork (Ruth)


My Guardian Angel (Abby)

Cashmere, one of the mares at Garrowby, had a filly foal by Zamindar in the early evening of yesterday. Alan and Tina said all was well this morning and I will be seeing it shortly. Topatoo's colt foal is a real character and the mother has plenty of milk, so he will be piling on the pounds from now onwards. I am sure we will have more foals in the next few days, as  the bags on several mares are really getting big now and today's milder weather will bring them on as well. 


Topatoo with her Sakhee colt foal, born on Tuesday night