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Another mild morning with no wind...

Friday, 25 February 2011

"Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire."

 - Arab Proverb



Smokey Oakey (Butch) and Akula (Abby)

Another mild morning with no wind and the Heath was as busy as I have seen it all spring. Strings of horses using all the different canters we have on Warren and Long Hills. Everybody fits in and there is never any queuing as, with the choice of canters, there is always somewhere to jump off. Along with the horses, come plenty of trainers and their followers and, as you can imagine, quite a bit of chat. 


Finger Spin (Abbi) and Battery Power (Lauren)

One or two things to comment on in the Racing Post today. Firstly on page 7, the Kempton Park management are looking into repeating their free admission initiative, after what they called a bumper crowd of 1,200. If that is a bumper crowd just think what ordinary days are like - one man and a dog. They also state the appearance of Ant and Dec to film some TV programme attracted the attention of a wider audience. I suppose another couple of small people at a ractrack would be quite interesting! What Kempton needs is to be built on, move the King George to Sandown and build a Jockey Club all-weather track on the Back of the Flat at Newmarket. There are so many benefits in this happening, just the transport costs alone would save owners fortunes. The pool of horses right on your doorstep would make framing races so much easier and reserves so much more available. Newmarket could even use the old surface from Great Leighs and buy their lights. There are so many advantages and I cannot see a disadvantage. Is it only me who can see the big picture?


Brushing (Nikki)

Secondly, there is some comment on page 16 about Mark Johnston, becoming a member of the BHA board and whether he could carry on, making the same comments in his in-house magazine, as he does now. I can see no reason why he can't and he would make a fantastic member of the board. We need people with knowledge and drive, not men in suits to run this industry.


Battery Power (Lauren)

Our 5-to -follow competition for 2011 is up and running on the site, so just click:  to enter. A share in a horse for the 2012 season is the prize and entry is free, so have a go and get as many people as you can involved.


Khaled makes sure Akula's legs are clean and spotless before he goes back to his box


The two year old colts bunched up in pairs on warren Hill

Two pictures of the new foal at Garrowby and the one below is ideal for another caption competition. Just e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your suggestions. As normal a prize for the winner.


Cashmere with her filly foal by Zamindar