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No rain, thank goodness, this morning...

Tuesday, 01 March 2011

"No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong."

 - Saint John Chrysostom



MHT out on Warren Hill with Eric Jones and Conrad Lockey this morning

No rain, thank goodness, this morning with no wind either so, although it is overcast with low cloud, it is quite a mild morning and very pleasant to be out. We had a couple of owners first lot to watch their horses canter up Warren Hill grass and all went well. We now have a full compliment of staff and even the ones that have been ill have struggled in manfully; this means we can really get on with the early season conditioning work.


Akula (Abby) and Star Commander (Wajid)

At this time of year, we are doing all the preliminary cantering work with the horses, before they commence faster work at the end of the month. They have all had their teeth done, the farriers have been working hard to get their feet in shape for the season ahead. The old saying 'no foot, no horse' still holds very true, as they  have many sets of shoes and racing plates put on within a very short space of time. We feed the ones that don't grow much horn a foot supplement, which promotes growth and, hopefully, gives the farrier more foot to nail to. Everything will be having another flu injection this weekend, which we do three or four times a year and this gives them good immunity against the known strains. The equine pool has wintered well and we are now re-opening it, so everything will be swimming, when needed, from now onwards. It is the most invaluable aid and the horses seem to love it, especially in the warmer weather.    


First lot setting off at the bottom of Warren Hill


Cotton Grass (Hannah) and Finger Spin (Abbi)


The string walking off Side Hill between first and second canter.


Dazinski (Steve), Brushing (Nikki) and Koraleva Tectona (Dan)

No foals again last night and Angie and I, but especially Angie, managed to get  a good night's sleep. When you are up assisting with the foalings, time just seems to pass by and it is great when you can catch up with some sleep. The new foal out of Mega is a cracker, as you can see from the photographs below. Her sire, Zamindar, can get top class horses and has done remarkably well, particularly with his fillies - let's hope this is the next superstar!


Mega with her Zamindar filly foal


Today is the last day of the caption competition, for which we have had some good entries. Below is Cashmere with her filly foal - let us know what you think she is saying. Get your entries in to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by the end of today.