They are not children ...

It has got much colder this morning...

Wednesday, 02 March 2011

"Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness."

 - Georges Sand



MHT gives Steve his orders before cantering

It has got much colder this morning or that is the impression we are getting at first and second lots. The overtrousers are still in play and it is amazing how much warmer you feel with those on. Quite an exciting morning so far, as I took first lot down to Railway Land, via the Town canter and did three nice exercises in one. The Jockey Club Estates are re-furbishing the Al Bahathri at present and are a week behind schedule because  it has been too cold to mix the ingredients together; hopefully, they will have finished it by next Monday. Consequently, Railway Land was very quiet and the grass was in perfect condition, in fact ,we were the only people to have used it.


The string canters back up Railway land


Barwick (Colin) and Star Commander (Wajid)


Cornish Quest (Hannah), Ron (Dan) and Piccarello (Abby)

Second lot, the two year old colts did four canters this morning: one up Warren Hill Mactrack and then three on the yearling circus on Side Hill grass. All was going well until Wajid fell off Eanans Bay on the bottom bend. The same lad fell off Ron in exactly the same place a couple of weeks ago and I have renamed it 'Wajid's Corner'. The colt was soon caught and rider put on board, allowing cantering to commence once again. It looks like we have a really nice bunch of colts and several are still for sale. They all look like making two year olds, so if anybody is thinking of having a share or a whole horse, now is the time to give me a ring and we can get the registrations done.


Like Clockwork (Ruth)


Chinkillo (Nikki)


The two year olds take a turn around MHT after cantering

Plenty of entries in the caption competition and I thank everyone for having a go; we will keep, periodically, putting them up when a picture looks suitable. A few captions for special mention: one was from Ron, "You drink your milk and I'll have my Tetley's". Paul Barrett came up with "Yuck! I have just been kissed by a Racing for Change committee member". I like Colin Hudson's " I thought you tasted foul but in fact you tasted foal". Bryan Platts came up with another Yorkshire saying, which only he could understand the translation. However, the winner is Steve Vaughan, whose "Look this is nothing, you should see the size of the mother-in-law's!" wins the prize. A bag of goodies will be one their way shortly.