Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

Another cloudless sky....

Tuesday, 08 March 2011

"He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever."

 - Chinese proverb



MHT discussing the training of Twice Over with Henry Cecil

Another cloudless sky and I am sure it will be a cracking day from about 11 o'clock onwards but, at the moment, we have a frost on the ground and the temperature has not risen above zero. Plenty of action on the Heath this morning with everybody about. We have been up Warren Hill polytrack and grass with first lot and then with second lot, the two year olds went around the circus on Side Hill, which looks like it will be closing shortly.


First lot cantering up Warren Hill grass

A good article on page 8 of the Racing Post today about the changing shape of racing and the idea of a betting right. When the Levy was started in the 1960's it worked well but they were the days of old style betting shops and none of the technology that we have today. With betting now so computerised and easily accessed from anywhere in the world on your phone, etc. the whole of the betting world has changed and the Levy has not moved or cannot move with the times. A betting right would mean anybody wanting to bet on British racing would have to sign up to the agreement and there would not be the offshore, tax-free position that we have now. It may take Government legislation to bring this in but the powers-that-be must put all their energy into bringing such a situation about. 


Old Boy Ted (Colin), Akula (Abby) and Smokey Oakey (Butch)


The horses walk home on a frosty morning

Two runners today at Southwell. Miss Wendy runs in the 3.10 pm race; she is well-drawn and would have a chance of making the frame. Later on in the day, we run Marvo in the 4.40 pm race; he is another that would have a chance, if he handles the kickback. The kickback is quite severe here and Paul Hanagan, who rides both of these today will be doing his best to keep him out of it.


Watch Chain leads the two year olds around Side Hill

Plenty of owners about this morning, including Dena below, who was on hand to see her filly, Bird of Faith, have two canters up Warren Hill. She also saw the Act One ex Highbrook colt, that she bred at Dullingham have a canter as well. He has really done well and if anybody wants a racehorse, he will give them the real deal.


Dena Arstall of Pollards Stables out on Side Hill

A picture of Tenpence's filly in the foal paddock yesterday and what a cracker she is. She already knows she is lovely and goes round the paddock at a million miles an hour.


Tenpence's filly foal by Three Valleys

Phil and Ian are very excited today, as you can imagine, with Arsenal away to Barcelona tonight. It should be a great match but I fear there may be an atmosphere of doom in the office tomorrow morning.