Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

An overcast morning....

Thursday, 10 March 2011

"The road to a friend's house is never long."

 - Danish proverb



Barwick and Akula set off at the bottom of Long Hill

An overcast morning and the wind has got up overnight. We are forecast a showery, windy day but the temperature looks to be holding up reasonably well so far. All the horses  are going out in good spirits and I have not been pressing them too hard this week, as they all had their flu injections at the weekend. It is a live vaccine that we use and it is much better if they are not under stress for a few days; just nice, sensible canters, to keep them going the right way, is what is required at present. Their summer coats are starting to come slowly and it shouldn't be too much longer, especially if we can get some proper, spring weather.


Cornish Quest (Hannah) and Battery Power (Lauren)

There is plenty to read about today in the Racing Post. Firstly, the restructuring of the racing industry looks like it has started to take place with the BHA concentrating solely on the rules of racing and areas of race planning. A new racecourse group, which would consist of all 60 tracks, would be the sole negotiator on the Levy, betting and picture rights. Finally, the Horsemen's Group will take responsibility for all registrations. This will work as a three-headed animal and would require give-and-take on all sides for it to get off the ground in the first place. The only problem, as I see it, is that we will not have one single leader but three committees, which I am always sceptical about; however, it may work and I am willing to give it a chance before passing judgement .


Dazinski (Steve) and Koraleva Tectona (Dan)


Steve checks that everyone is with him after cantering

The other main decision, made yesterday by two QC's, was that customers of betting exchanges like Betfair, etc. including bookmakers, who hedge through them, are not liable for the Levy. This is a technical detail and just goes to show even more clearly that it is not a level playing field out there and, as I said yesterday, the Government must act quickly and decisively to put these matters right. We have been so far off the pace with the technology advances that we need to make great strides to catch up, overtake and plan for the way ahead, as nothing stands still and certainly won't do in the betting industry.


Shomberg (Lauren)


Eanans Bay (Rhea)

Plenty of  fun to be had in the office this morning with Spurs making the last eight of the Champions League. Phil and Ian are keeping their heads up but deep down I think they know they are in for another trophyless year.