New and exciting horses for sale ...

An overcast, cold morning....

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

 - Mahatma Gandhi

Photos from yesterday taken by MHT.


First lot on their way to Railway Land

An overcast, cold morning and, although we were told it was going to be a glorious day, it has yet to show itself and we have now just finished second lot. Good canters with everything this morning and, as usual, there were plenty of horses about on the Heath. This time of year, everybody is cracking on with their strings; despite when you look at the programme book for April, it is very thin on the ground. It seems to start at Doncaster and then there is very little until the end of the month. It really wants looking into and we have been banging on about it for years.


Crossing the road onto the Limekilns


Akula (Abby)

The Festival starts today, so everybody should be by their TVs or radios all afternoon. It is the highlight of  the year for the National Hunt boys and every plan has aimed towards it. Dreams are fulfilled here and to lead a winner into the Number 1 berth, with the crowd erupting, is a wonder to behold. The Irish flock here in droves and their boundless enthusiasm for all things 'horse' make it a very special place to be this week. We will be on our way tomorrow with Akula, who will travel down today and let's dream a bit as well.

Selections for Phil and the Guv'nor's Cheltenham Tipping Competition

All selections are to a £10 winning stake.

                            Phil                                                   MHT

1.30pm:              Cue Card                                                           Hidden Universe

2.05pm:             Ghizao                                                                Realt Dubh

2.40pm:            Chief Dan George                                           Sunnyhillboy

3.20pm:            Peddlers Cross                                                Khyber Kim

4.00pm:            Garde Champetre                                          Maljimar

4.40pm:            Banjaxed Girl                                                   Quevega

5.15pm:            Tullamore Dew                                                Rougham


If you want to have a go to win some proper money, one of our owners runs the Fantasy racing in the Daily Telegraph. If you go to, you can do your own thing and try to win £5000.


Second lot walking home down Long Hill

All a bit mysterious about the demise of Binocular and how late we were told. I keep going on about it being a level playing field for everybody and I hope the powers-that-be can stamp out this use of medication. I, now, never watch athletics because it seems to me that all the athletes that win are one jump ahead of the testers. We certainly don't want horseracing to go down that line and I am sure that 99% of all horses racing are clean. This is the way it should be.


Third lot at the bottom of Long Hill polytrack

Nice Time had a lovely colt foal, on Saturday, by Observatory, as we said yesterday and he got his first visit from his owners, Richard, Wendy and Rebecca Marriott. It didn't phase him in the slightest and he boldly strode forward to be introduced. A good sign for the future.


Nice Time with her colt foal by Observatory


Richard Marriott, the proud father, greets his new baby!