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A really mild morning with no wind...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Hope is the dream of a soul awake."

 - English proverb



Conrad Lockey, MHT with Mike and Gill Winter

A really mild morning with no wind and we have had plenty of visitors to see their horses work. I took them on one of my famous, five canter mornings, which took in the Town canter, Railway Land twice, then Waterhall gallop and canter. I think in total, we would have cantered three miles and walked about the same. It really does the horses no end of good, as it opens their lungs and their pores, which will make their summer coats fly out from now onwards. It also gets the lads fit and gets their wind cleaner!


Smokey Oakey (Butch) and Cornish Beau (Nikki)


Piccarello (John) and Cornish Quest (Hannah)

I had a visit to Garrowby yesterday to have a good look at all the horses we have up there. It is always amazing how they change in such a short time. The yearlings are really developing and getting to that boisterous stage, where they are charging about and behaving like delinquent children but I am delighted with their improvement. The two year old fillies, that we sent up a month ago, look pictures and have turned themselves inside out very quickly. It is a great place to send the horses and Angie and I couldn't be more delighted.


Barwick (Colin) and Star Commander (Neil Callan)


Colzium (Lee) and Old Boy Ted (Lauren)

When I got back last night I went to a meeting about the tariffs, which will be starting on the flat in early April. It is a must that the professionals stick together in their support of these tariffs and get the message across to the racecourses, who think it will be soon forgotten. I can assure them it won't and all we are asking for is fair play on both sides. We will supply the horses, if they give us something to run for, not peanuts.  


Taking a turn on Waterhall between canters


Neil Callan walking back with the string after riding work