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A dry morning, once again...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"The power to question is the basis of all human progress."

 - Indira Gandhi



First lot emerging from the copse on Long Hill, before picking grass

A dry day, once again and blue sky everywhere. After yesterday's busy morning, I have tried to have a reasonably quiet one today with a canter and a pick of grass but, as usual, best laid plans sometimes don't work out and it has become pretty busy with vets, the phone, decisions and visitors. I did manage to give the older horses and a few of the two year old colts a pick of the spring grass, which is now starting to come.


MHT with Colin on Barwick


Rayvin Black ( Ashley)

One thing I would like to comment on this morning, that I have picked up in the Racing Post and is very aggravating, is about the Bonus Scheme, which is financed by the owners and breeders. They have allocated some of these races to fixtures, which are run below tariff, especially at tracks run by Arena and Northern Racing. They are putting on two year old races below the tariff but then, increasing the prize money, by the addition of the bonus to the winner. The industry must pull together to make sure that any race that gets a bonus is run at tariff or above. It is the industry putting the money in, not the racecourses, and to say anything else is completely barmy.


Like Clockwork (Ruth), who is still for sale - see 'Horses for Sale' page

We have two runners today at Warwick, Astroleo in the 2.20pm and Astrodiva in the 2.55pm. Both will like the ground and have schooled well. I think the experience will do them good and I am sure they will run with credit. Colin Bolger rides them and I hope the ground is as good as they say it is.


My Guardian Angel (Lee), also still for sale


Some of the two year old colts enthralled by all the activity on the Heath


Shomberg (Lauren)


Brushing (Nikki)

We have had the vets in this morning, putting the scope down certain horses at exercise; this tells us exactly how their throat and windpipe work. They take recordings of the throat at work and can play it back afterwards. This is a big step forward in allowing everybody to know what type of treatment would be best and most beneficial for each individual horse.  


Going out for the vets

A great picture arrived yesterday of Astrobrava, winning in the show ring. She was always a lovely filly but not quite up to winning a race and one of our blacksmiths, Becky, gave her a good home. She is not only a winner in the show ring but is also a good eventer and brilliant in the showjumping ring. Her dressage scores are very good and it is marvellous that these horses, we find good homes for, go on and give so much pleasure to their new owners.