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Another marvellous, sunny morning...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

"The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over."

 - Aesop

The Horsemen's Tariff:



First lot, led by Smokey Oakey, canter up Warren Hill polytrack

Another marvellous, sunny morning with no wind and it will warm up as the day goes on. The horses look fantastic in this light and their coats are now really starting to gleam. Two good canters up Warren Hill polytrack has been the exercise this morning and everything has gone well so far.


Cotton Grass, ridden by Clarice Cla

We have had a couple of French apprentices riding out again this morning. They do three lots and must think Newmarket is heaven on mornings like this. They come for a week at the British Racing School and always ride out for, at least, one day for the Newmarket trainers. Today we have had Maxime Govarts, who is apprenticed to Bernard Barbier and Clarice Cla, who is apprenticed to Corine Barande Barbe. Both ride well and, as usual, we wish them well in their future careers.


Old Boy Ted, ridden by Maxime Govarts, in the middle

I have had a letter this morning from the MD of Leicester Racecourse to say that they have updated their stable lads' canteen to a very high standard, both food-wise and and facilities-wise. This is a great improvement, as I have always campaigned for better facilities for the lads. They only want now to get their races in line with the tariffs and plenty of runners will follow. Whilst on the tariff situation, it was great to see this morning that the Maktoum family, including all their offshoots, are not to have runners in races run below tariff. This is a fantastic announcement, especially as Simon Crisford emphasised that the prize money goes right down to the people on the shop floor, who need it most. For any of you who want to know more about the tariffs and who is and who isn't keeping to them, just go to the ROA website link - This link will be on our 'Daily News' section every day just below the quote, until the tariffs are settled. 


Sarah Stoneham inspects the foals with David, the stud groom

We had a foal inspection on the stud at Dullingham yesterday with our foal specialist and Angie's stud guru, Sarah Stoneham. Sarah used to work for our vets, Rossdales, before striking out on her own and now runs a successful establishment herself along with her partner David. What Sarah doesn't know about foals is not worth knowing and her advice is invaluable. We have these foal inspections on a regular basis and along with our resident stud vet, Rob Dallas, we endeavour to do everything the right way and give the youngsters every chance of making proper racehorses. 


Angie discusses the foals with Sarah


Tawny Way and her foal showing themselves off to their admirers