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We have got the sun again...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"The person, who does not scatter the morning dew, will not comb gray hairs."

 - Proverb



MHT gives first lot their orders

We have got the sun again this morning and it is another dry, calm day. I know everybody thinks I go on about the weather but March has been a remarkable month, in that it must be one of the driest on record, especially in East Anglia. All the grass canters are riding on the firm side and we, at present, are constantly using the variety of all-weathers that we have here in Newmarket. My horses are thriving but they are still two to three weeks away in their coats and it doesn't look like we shall be having a flurry of runners very soon.


Barwick (Colin), Astroverdi (Ashley) and Cornish Quest (Hannah)

The headlines on the front of the Racing Post would make you think that the racecourses have won their dispute over the tariff situation - nothing could be further from the truth. This year is only the beginning of our effort to achieve a fairer return for our owners and a great start has already been made. There are lots of courses putting more money in each day and it was good to see, even Northern Racing had put another £1.5 million into prize money yesterday. You will find the campaign and the people that are behind it very determined to put this industry back onto a sound financial footing and, as time goes by and the licensing and fixtures come within the Horsemen's Group portfolio, it can only get better. It is disappointing to me that the Racing Post always seems to have such a negative take on this issue.


Old Boy Ted (Abby), Ron (Dan) and Star Commander (John)

It is the start of the breeze-up sale season with the first one today at Kempton. These sales have grown out of all recognition over the last few years, as the vendors have clutched at every straw to make a profit. I read the other day, a comment from one of our eminent bloodstock agents, David Minton, that he thought there were too many sales and I cannot agree more with him. The sales companies keep thinking up new ideas and wheezes why they should have another sale but, in my opinion, the tried and tested sales have always been the best. In the present situation, there are nowhere near the number of likely purchasers and I am sure there will be a lot of disappointed vendors in the next few months. There will always be a few headline horses in each sale but, in the present climate, a few less sales would help.


Mystery Star (Iain) and Dazinski (Steve)


First lot give MHT their feedback after cantering


    Smokey Oakey (Iain), Piccarello (John) and Imjin River (Nikki)


Cat Island (Ruth) leads Five Hearts (Lauren) up Warren Hill


Watch Chain leads the two year old colts, coming up in pairs