Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

An overcast morning but no wind....

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

"Who wills the end, wills the means."

 - Proverb


Finger Spin (Abby), Battery Power (Lauren) and Brushing (Nikki)

An overcast morning but no wind , so it is very mild. The forecasters told us last night that some bands of rain were on their way for the next few days but there would be places in East Anglia, which would remain dry; as yet we are one of those. A good healthy exercise and a pick of grass was the order this morning and so far so good.


First lot, led by Smokey Oakey and Ruth, on their way for a pick of grass

It is the start of the flat season today on the grass at Catterick and, as normal, where is the fanfare or the planning for such an occasion? Nowhere I hear myself cry and have been doing so ever since all-weather racing started. We used to have proper seasons and everybody looked forward to it, whether it was flat or jumps. Football has an off-season, as does Formula 1 and most other sports. Where is Racing for Change and the people who want to promote racing? We have got Doncaster at the weekend with the Lincoln, which should start the grass season and then very little other than a stack of all-weather and a few grass meetings until the classic trials in mid-April. This wants looking at as urgently as the great finale they have got planned for Ascot, which will be run in a bog in October.


Battery Power (Lauren)

I see the charitable foundation of racing interests is now being considered a frontrunner to gain control of the Tote. I hope they are successful and we can start to get this part of the industry working as well as it should be and really helping the finances of racing improve. It needs a vast investment in technology and know-how with new personnel, who can drive the business forward. It has been stagnant for so long now and it will take time but if we can find the right person with the foresight to see what it could be, it can only benefit everybody, including the Government of the day.


MHT keeps a close eye on the horses, while they pick grass peacefully

Some pictures today of the mares and foals, who are really thriving and we are delighted with all of them. After the initial burst of eleven, we have had a short break from late nights but there are the next lot in the foaling boxes, who will be on their way shortly. 


The Dutch Art filly out of Seasonal Blossom


The Black Sam Bellamy filly out of Astromancer


The same filly with her dam, Astromancer


Mega with her Zamindar filly


The Halling colt with her dam, Azure Mist


Topatoo with her Sakhee colt