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Quite a bit of cloud this morning...

Saturday, 02 April 2011

"It is impossible to go through life without trust: that is to be imprisoned in the worst cell of all, oneself."

 - Graham Greene


Brushing (Nikki) and Koraleva Tectona (Dan)

Quite a bit of cloud this morning and a strong breeze but very mild out of the wind. All the rain that was supposed to be hitting England seems to have missed us completely and the small shower that we did get was dried up by the wind within a few hours. Still, along with April, the rain is sure to follow. The horses have been cantering, mainly up Warren Hill, followed by the usual Saturday morning pick of grass. The horses love the fresh grass at this time of year and you can see that they can't wait to get their heads down from the moment they come off the walking grounds.


First lot picks grass on Long Hill


Koraleva Tectona (Dan) with Mike Harvey, his daughter, Rebecca and MHT

The turf season proper kicks off today with the Lincoln and Spring Mile at Doncaster. Sadly, we shall not be represented. Having won the Lincoln twice, I know exactly what sort of horse is required and we have nothing at the moment that quite fits the bill - you need a Group horse masquerading as an handicapper.
We sent out Smokey Oakey to win the race for Dame Judi Dench in 2008 and what a day that was. Babodana, who had won the Lincoln for Mike Bowring four years earlier, was third. It was some achievement, we thought, to have the winner and third in one of the most competitive handicaps of the season. 
Smokey Oakey went on to win a Group race and is still in training with us, of course. Babodana was a marvellous servant and is now at stud in the West Country, alongside Franklins Gardens. Babodana set a Lincoln record in his year, carrying 9st. 10lbs to victory.
Going back a little further, Cool Edge, another subsequent Group race winner, won the Spring Mile for us. We shall be back!


Zenarinda (Colin)

I see the idea of offering free entry to racecourses is continuing with some courses estimating that it will double their crowds. Well that just about says it all but I am very dubious as to whether this initiative will lead to any substantial, long-term increase in attendances or convert many people who weren't already converted.


Dazinski (Steve)

I am off to Hillsborough with Peter Sakal this afternoon to watch The Owls entertain Colchester United, if entertain is the right word! Arsenal are at home to Blackburn today with quite a few players returning from injury, so it should be nothing more than a stroll in the park for them - if not Phil and Ian will be hanging their heads in shame on Monday morning. 


On The Rocks (Wajid) and Eanans Bay (Ruth)